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Silver Nuggets: Oilers fans give stats analysis

Hi everybody! Here are some Ottawa Senators stories for you to check out today:

  • Bruce McCurdy looks at just how dominant the Ottawa Senators were last night against the Edmonton Oilers. How about this: Ottawa had 40 offensive zone face offs, Edmonton had just 12. (Copper & Blue)
  • Derek Zona shows that it's not all rosy, though. He crunches a few other numbers to show how it really makes no sense that the Senators have been so successful given some of the team's mediocre statistics. (Copper & Blue)
  • Brandon Worley takes a quick look at the goaltending carousel in Ottawa. (Pro Hockey Talk)
  • The Citizen looks at the goaltending controversy and Clouston's decision to play Elliott because he has better numbers, despite Leclaire coming off a great game. Then, in traditional Ottawa newspaper fashion, it closes with a wistful mention of "the real goalie of the future, Swede Robin Lehner." (Citizen)
  • Speaking of Lehner, I can't remember if we posted this already but here's a month old interview with him that is a good read. (GM Hockey)
  • Wyshynski points out that Ryan Whitney should have gotten at least a double-minor for cross checking Chris Neil in the face last night. (Puck Daddy)