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Senators extend GM Bryan Murray

Well, it looks like Ottawa Senators GM Bryan Murray is going to be around for a little while longer. This morning in a press conference, president Cyril Leeder announced that the team has extended the former coach to continue building the team.

Personally, I think it's a good idea. Murray has certainly had his fair share of critics, as quiet as they've been during the Senators' current run. Since his days coaching, it seems someone's been calling for him to be canned, but so far the disappointments have, given time, turned into pleasant surprises.

While Murray's trading record isn't sparkling, it isn't awful, and he hasn't been in easy situations with many trades. His hiring record had been awful, but then he gave Cory Clouston a shot, and that looks like it's been a pretty good decision.

Chief among Murray's accomplishments, though, has been a very strong drafting record and good free agent signings to rebuild the prospect system. Most of the best prospects in our system are from the two drafts Murray has been at the forefront of, and many of the others, including Ryan Keller, Martin St. Pierre, and Mike Brodeur, were signed as free agents by Murray. He's also brought in Jesse Winchester and Ryan Shannon, two big contributors who fit in well with our current system.

Perhaps the most positive aspect of the extension is that we'll get to see a general manager design, implement, and see through a franchise-wide vision. Murray's obviously got a good idea of what this team has, and what he wants it to be. By continuing his process, which is certainly working this season, we avoid having to restart the process of re-designing the franchise.

Despite the criticism he's taken, I'm excited to see the outcome of the reconstruction Murray has initiated in the Senators franchise, and happy he'll be around for another season.