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Silver Nuggets: Better results for Senators, still too few goals

Just a few headlines today because most people are still in disbelief that the Ottawa Senators won last night:

  • Hard to believe, but true: Despite the horrifying goal-scoring struggles, the Sens still managed three of four possible points over the weekend. Turnaround? Maybe. (Black Aces)
  • I still can't believe it was Peter Regin who was taken out of the lineup for Bobby Butler. Apparently it was to avoid 'drastic changes' in a lineup that had scored one goal in the previous three games; as if drastic changes would have been a bad thing. (Citizen)
  • Burgundy has mounted a defence of Cory Clouston. (Stay Classy)
  • Hilarious that Rangers fans hate Denis Potvin so much that he still gets taunted at Madison Square Garden. Whether or not he's even there. (Sun)
  • Sens prospect Jared Cowen was among the short-print rookie signatures released this year by Panini's Score hockey cards line. I wonder what they'll do to commemorate his actual rookie season. (Cardboard Connection)
  • Forgot about this earlier, but finally: Photos of the Dany Heatley urinal cakes. (Puck Daddy)
  • And just for fun, some post-game interviews from last night's game. Let me know if they're something you'd like to see more regularly:
Cory Clouston:

Chris Kelly:

Pascal Leclaire: