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Game 26: Ottawa Senators v. San Jose Sharks

Let the hate-fest begin.

Dany Heatley's return to Ottawa has been circled on the calendar for ages for most Ottawa Senators fans, and it's here as the San Jose Sharks are in town tonight. And naturally, that will be one of the things I'll most be watching for tonight:

  • The hate: How intense will it be? It's expected to be electric in the building. Will the Senators be able to build off that energy, and get a much-needed win?
  • The goal-scoring: Ottawa has averaged 1.7 goals for over the last 10 games. Quite frankly, that's not enough to win games. Will they be able to put pucks in the net tonight?
  • The injuries: Ottawa's been in injury hell for a while now. Are the players really ready to go tonight? Will their injuries slow them down, and expose the team?
  • The goaltending: Ottawa's goaltending has been ridiculously inconsistent this season. Can they keep it together long enough for the skaters to get going tonight?

It's going to be a memorable night tonight, folks. Join us here through the entire game to revel in the electricity.