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Silver Nuggets: Leclaire head-to-head with Brodeur tonight

Let's hope the Ottawa Senators can at least compete with other teams that are struggling. Tonight they take on the New Jersey Devils:


  • Pascal Leclaire gets the start for the Senators tonight. (@NHL_Sens)
  • While Martin Brodeur returns to the New Jersey net for the first time in almost a month. (TSN)
  • Tonight's prediction panel is more optimistic, because one of few teams that have been more disappointing than the Sens has been the Devils. (Sens Extra)
  • Alex Kovalev isn't happy about his demotion, but also hasn't asked for a trade. Cory Clouston thinks he can change Kovalev by benching him and demanding more consistency. (Sun)
  • And... wow. Kovalev, asked if Clouston has made him a scapegoat for the team's struggles: "It looks like it." Such public spats between players and coaches rarely end well, for either side. (@ScottMacArthur)
  • Apparently Matt Carkner hasn't heard a thing from the league surrounding last night's blood-flicking episode. (@ScoreOttawa)
  • Milks: "When the team is playing badly overall, the individual errors are going to stand out, but they're only symptoms, not the root cause." Terrific. (Black Aces)
  • The Sens are now falling in the NHL Aggregated Power Rankings, down two spots to 25 this week--lower than the Edmonton Oilers. (From the Rink)
  • Pensburgh takes a look at what constitutes a top-six forward, and how many the Pittsburgh Penguins have. I'm scared to look into how many the Sens have. (Pensburgh)