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CONTEST: Win free Coca-Cola Zero Zone tickets to Tuesday's game against the Atlanta Thrashers

The Ottawa Senators ticketing department recently contacted me to offer some promotional tickets to Tuesday night's game against the Atlanta Thrashers in the Coca-Cola Zero Zone. Along with a pair I'm receiving for selling out to the man (and I have no problem with that), there are also two pairs up for grabs, if you're a savvy enough Sens fan to get (or at least research) the answer to my very hard trivia question.

First off, a note about the Coca-Cola Zero Zone: Fifteen dollar tickets. If you live in Ottawa, don't say you can't afford to go to games.

Now, onto the contest:

How many points (specify goals and assists for bonus points) does Daniel Alfredsson have against the Atlanta Thrashers, in his career?

The first two people to answer correctly in the comments section of the site each win a pair of tickets to the game. You'll be contacted via the e-mail address you've registered under with more information, so please make sure it's accurate or provide a more accurate address in your answer.

Good luck! Stay tuned for more similar contests in the coming weeks.

And keep in mind: Even if you don't win the contest, tickets in the Coca-Cola Zero Zone start at just $15.

(Just a note: If you're unable to attend the game because, say, you live in Atlanta, Vancouver, Miami, or some other city besides Ottawa, feel free to answer, but decline the tickets so that someone who can actually enjoy them can win. Thanks!)