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Silver Nuggets: Measuring stick game against Montreal

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Looking for something to read? Look no further than this list of pre-game headlines while waiting for the Ottawa Senators to face-off against the Montreal Canadiens tonight:

  • Brian Elliott gets the start, no lineup changes. (@NHL_Sens)
  • Tonight's game is billed as a 'measuring stick' matchup by Sens coach Cory Clouston. (Sun)
  • Soem reasonable optimism on the prediction panel, with three picking Ottawa and four Montreal. (Citizen)
  • After a quick "demotion" to play for the B-Sens, Zack Smith is back with Ottawa. (Sens)
  • Despite hopes, Filip Kuba will not be back in the lineup tonight. (Sun)
  • Yes, the Senators have a problem with Saturday night games, for some reason. (Sun)
  • So Ottawa was bad, and now they're good. Last year was streaky like that. I hope things stay up this year, instead of bobbing up and down. (TSN)
  • Jason Spezza on his added penalty-killing responsibilities. I wonder what Jacques Martin will say when he sees it tonight... (Citizen)
  • Apparently Damien Cox called Clouston "the worst coaching interviewi in the NHL" (sic). And you know what? I'm fine with that. As long as the team wins, I don't care if Clou-Clou doesn't give good soundbytes. (SENS Town)
  • "Dynamic ticket pricing" sounds a lot more exciting than it is. It mostly means you save money by buying tickets earlier, and pay more as the event approaches. (Citizen)
  • The B-Sens lost in Robin Lehner's return to the lineup, a 5-2 decision against the Hamilton Bulldogs. (Sens)
  • Anton Volchenkov is back on the Devils' active roster now, so we can see what we're missing. (W-USA9)