No love for Carkner?

So over all of the recent talk of defensive pairings and defensive struggles (Kings game included... 2 recalled goals), Carkner has quietly been incredibly successful on the defensive end and has not been alotted ice time appropriately. In some HF board threads reading about the future of the Sens defensive core, some people even have Carkner sitting in the 7th d man behind Gonchar, Philips, Karlsson, Kuba, Cowen, Rundblad/Campoli(re-sign pending). In a season where the Sens are an unhealthy -15 in goal differentials, Carkner is a VERY healthy +4 with 18 or so minutes of ice time per game. Keep in mind as well that he plays a fair bit of time ok the PK and absolutely none on the PP. I have yet to see a glaring mistake from Carkner (a few penalties here and there notwithstanding). He has been incredibly steady, even sneakily saving goals (see Kings game) in a timely fashion. I know how much you guys love stats, so let's look back to our incredibly brutal 3 game slide wherein we were outscored 17-4. Carkner was +1 out of those 3 games. Last year same deal.. Sens finished -13 on the season, Carkner was at an even 0. My question thus becomes : Why is Philips still getting #2 minutes and being humiliated on a fairly regular basis while Carkner is staying in the shadows? One could argue that Philips is facing top lines and Carkner is not, but TRY HIM OUT. I would love to see Carkner get 25 minutes per game and see if he can keep up the good work. Is it conditioning? If so, still pair him against the top lines for 18 minutes and let Philips give it a try for 7 minutes. Maybe Philips could find some confidence owning 2-4 lines and regain his 2005-2008 form.


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