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Silver Nuggets: Elliott starts in Philadelphia. Obviously.

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Here are some Ottawa Senators headlines as the team is in Philadelphia getting ready to play the Flyers:

  • No line up changes for the Sens, Brian Elliott gets the start. (@Ian_Mendes)
  • And even if Elliott weren't playing well, his career record would likely get him the start in Philly: 4-0, 0.84 GAA, .969 SP, and two shutouts. Not bad.
  • Had to pick Philly for tonight's game. It won't be an easy one for Ottawa, emotionally or on the ice. Three panellists, though, think Ottawa's good enough to get the win. (Citizen)
  • Although most of us didn't hear about the sad story of the late Daron Richardson until after the game, the players were informed of the situation before the game. Mike Fisher said they dedicated their great effort on the night to the Richardson family. (Sun)
  • This year has, perhaps, had the least controversial goalie controversy in recent history for the Senators. Brian Elliott and Pascal Leclaire are making it easy on us by heading in different directions. (Sun)
  • Ottawa would like to send David Hale to the Binghamton Senators, but they're afraid someone might pluck him off waivers. So it's especially pressing that something happens with Brian Lee, whether he gets traded or demoted. (Citizen)
  • The Sens are rapidly ascending the aggregated power rankings. (From the Rink)
  • Apparently there is now some pretty compelling evidence that Colin Campbell allows personal feelings and relationships affect his decisions as chief disciplinarian. Which is sad, but sadder still is the fact that I don't think any discipline will come as a result of this exposé. (Puck Daddy)
  • Ottawa has a fair bit of money coming off the books this off-season. Alexander Semin is one of few high-end upcoming free agents. Will Ottawa be the team who "overpay[s] for Semin, then regret[s] it"? (Puck Daddy)
  • I'll be honest: Any time Zdeno Chara wants to get off the ice for five minutes to fight Chris Neil, I'm happy with the trade-off. (Sun)
  • Former Senators Jason York still likes the Pascal Leclaire trade, but he likes it because of the throw-in draft pick of the deal: A second-rounder that was used to select Robin Lehner. (Sun)
  • The Annual Ottawa Cat Show! (Citizen)