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Silver Nuggets: Leclaire starts tonight

A quick and dirty edition of Nuggets today for you:

Pascal Leclaire gets the start against Vancouver tonight, to "rest" Brian Elliot.  How un-Cloustonian. (Sun)

Our friends at The 6th Sens point out there were three Senators scouts watching Columbus destroy St. Louis last night.  Leclaire for Vermette!  Do it! (6th Sens)

Meanwhile, Don Brennan finds out Daniel Alfredsson can't tell Henrik and Daniel Sedin apart.  (Sun)

Apparently, the only holdup to Filip Kuba's return now is Filip Kuba.  I'm actually OK with this, because a player not confident in his body is not useful to the team. (Citizen)

Jeremy Milks likes the Regin-Spezza-Kovalev line.  Remember when everyone thought two puck possession guys like Jason Spezza and Alex Kovalev couldn't coexist?  (Black Aces)

Bryan Murray points out that varying camera angles makes coaches' challenges hard to implement.  Also making it hard: it's a stupid idea.  (Citizen)

And finally, all but one panelist predict a a loss tonight.  The lone dissenter is Milks, while Peter is calling for the Sens to be shut out.  (Citizen)