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Silver Nuggets: Spezza and Leclaire updates; upset Cats fans

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Not that there's all that much news, but here are a few Ottawa Senators headlines:

  • Good news: Pascal Leclaire and Jason Spezza were both skating in practice today. (James Gordon)
  • Bad news: Leclaire left after 20 minutes. (James Gordon
  • Panthers fans aren't happy with their team after last night's loss to the Sens. (Litter Box Cats)
  • The league is competitive. Parity. And so on. (Citizen)
  • For those of you who haven't heard, a chant of 'Thank you, Kes-sel' erupted in Boston last night when Tyler Seguin scored against the Maple Leafs. The Bruins won 2-0. (Stanley Cup of Chowder)
  • Apparently a mostly meaningless goaltender-interference penalty against Nick Foligno last night is enough to make up for a blown call that cost the Panthers a game. Right? (Sun)
  • UPDATE: Cool fairly new thing Mike Chen's putting together: Aggregated power rankings. Ottawa is second-last in the league. For now. (From the Rink)
  • I've heard of (and will be partaking in) Movember, but Grow-vember? Awesome. Kudos, Kootenay Ice. (WHL, via From the Rink)
  • UPDATE: WTF the Senators aren't considered a 'contender' this season? Everyone is biased against Ottawa. (Behind the Net)
  • This is nothing to do with hockey, but is awesome: Buy an Archipelago. Let's raise $398,000 and name it Alfredsson Archipelago! (BLDGBLOG)
  • Finally, a nice little uptick in our fan confidence poll, rebounding from the huge plummet after Ottawa's 5-0 loss to the Leafs.