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Silver Nuggets: Spezza still out; Kovalev headlines galore

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"Hey friend! One thousand games is cool, isn't it? Wait until you score that 1,000th point... it's crazy. Better get going!"
"Hey friend! One thousand games is cool, isn't it? Wait until you score that 1,000th point... it's crazy. Better get going!"

Headlines for today! It's gameday, and tonight the Ottawa Senators take on the Florida Panthers!

  • High-speed chase hero and 'kid brother' to Jason Spezza, Matt Spezza was tending nets in practice the other day so the Sens could meet their Spezzas-on-the-ice quota, I guess. (Citizen)
  • Jason Spezza, however, is still not ready to return. (Citizen)
  • Only one person predicted a Senators loss in the prediction panel tonight. Unfortunately, that one person happens to be Graeme Nichols, who is leading the panel by a large margin. (Citizen)
  • UPDATE: Tomas Vokoun is starting, and he's 3-9 lifetime against the Senators. (Litter Box Cats)
  • Robin Lehner sounds like a born professional. I hope Pascal Leclaire or Mike Brodeur are healthy soon, so Lehner can head back to the AHL and get some starts. (Citizen)
  • UPDATE: Actually, it looks like Leclaire won't be back any time soon. He's suffered a setback in his rehab. I know, unbelievable, right? (Sportsnet)
  • Some fans get flown around the city by Alex Kovalev. (OttawaStart)
  • Speaking of Kovalev, he's better than any goalie in the league. His words, not mine. (Yahoo!)

  • Cory Lavalette, we will never forgive you for giving Zack Smith the 'Worst numbers from a player you've never heard of' award. Okay, fine, we will forgive you, but not easily. (From the Rink)
  • When Kovalev and Sergei Gonchar assisted on Daniel Alfredsson's goal Tuesday night, could it have been the first time three players with over 1,000 NHL regular-season games played under their belts factored in to the same goal? Maybe, but we're too lazy to confirm or deny. (SENS Town)
  • It looks like these guys have photoshopped Kovalev as Vigo from Ghostbusters II. (Cory Clouston Fashion Review)
  • Apparently not all is well between the Minnesota Wild and Martin Havlat: Agent Allan Walsh says Havlat is underused, and almost intimates that he's overpaid, in Minny. And although I don't buy the rumours, I would love to see Mach 9 back in a Sens uniform. (Hockey Wilderness)
  • A surprisingly interesting article on B/R about the curious case of Mike Commodore. Were he on the last year of his contract, I'd give more credence to the possibility of a trade to Ottawa; as it is, with this year and two more still on the deal, there's no way. (Bleacher Report)