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Silver Nuggets: Gonchar returns to Pittsburgh

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Some Ottawa Senators headlines for gameday against the Pittsburgh Penguins:

  • Tonight's prediction panel is not as optimistic as last game. (Citizen)
  • Last year, dodgeball in Central Park. This year, a friendly game of strip shootout. Eleven-game winning streak, here we come! (Sun)
  • Goaltending is not a problem in Ottawa. I always assumed that once I could say that, the team would be doing well. (Sun)
  • Competing stories on the struggles of Alex Kovalev. (CitizenSun)
  • Sergei Gonchar makes his return to Pittsburgh tonight. (Sun)
  • Robin Lehner: The NHL's leading goaltender, at least until they start factoring in minimum games-played. (SENS townCitizen)
  • Jason Spezza learned a thing or two about team play from Jacques Martin. (CTV Montreal)
  • Good story about the suicide pass, and how hits from those are different than the Mike Richards- or Matt Cooke-type hits the NHL is trying to get rid of. (Five for Smiting)
  • Old news by now, but Brian McGrattan signed with the Boston Bruins a week ago. (Stanley Cup of Chowder)
  • The B-Sens got their second win of the season yesterday in Toronto. Winger Colin Greening scored the game-winner. (Press & Sun Bulletin)