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Silver Nuggets: Elliott to start, Picard in for Campoli

New and notes for game day against the Boston Bruins:

  • I expected Alex Picard to draw back in after Chris Campoli's awful game last game, but I didn't expect to see Brian Elliott get that start today--but he is. I guess it's just a chance for Pascal Leclaire to take it easy for a couple days. (Twitter)
  • After signing Miroslav Satan yesterday, Boston's going to have him in the lineup for tonight's game. Oh yeah, and in a surprise move, Tim Thomas is starting. (Remember him? The guy who's beaten Ottawa ten consecutive times?) (Twitter)
  • Check out the prediction panel for tonight's game; four pick Boston (myself included, traitor I am) and two pick Ottawa. (Citizen)
  • Alex Kovalev is on a one-game, four-goal-a-game scoring streak. Will he keep it going? Either way, he's got everyone talking about him in a positive light now. (Sun)
  • In other news, Patrice Bergeron's injury during last night's game has renewed the possibility of Mike Fisher joining Team Canada for the Olympics. Preliminary timelines have Bergeron out for 2-3 weeks, so it might not even be an issue.
  • Remember Brian Lee? He's finally off that curious injury, and scored the game-winner in his first game back for Binghamton. (Examiner)