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Silver Nuggets: Foligno out 6-8 weeks, Alfredsson among top defensive forwards

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It's Monday morning, and you need something to get yourself through the day. How about some Senators-related stories?

  • It was mentioned in the game recap thread, but Nick Foligno is out 6-8 weeks with a broken leg. Terrible news, as Foligno was playing the best hockey of his career lately. (Senators)
  • Our buddy James Mirtle looked at the top defensive forwards in the league to see who could win the Selke trophy, and number one on the list? Daniel Alfredsson. Mike Fisher also finds a spot at #25. (Globe)
  • You no doubt heard about the big shakeups from our division rivals the Toronto Maple Leafs. Some good reaction here: (Matchsticks and Gasoline) (McKenzie) (Pension Plan Puppets)
  • Despite playing great hockey lately, my opinion of Erik Karlsson just went down: Favourite TV Show? Two and a Half Men. Favourite Sens jersey? The black one. (Citizen)
  • Another Ottawa Senators Blog looks at cheap forwards that the Sens could theoretically go after at the trade deadline, including yearly addition Mike Comrie. (AOSB)
  • Jeremy Milks, on the other hand, thinks that the Senators should stick with what got them this far and resist making a move at the deadline. (Black Aces)