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Game 49: Ottawa Senators @ Montreal Canadiens (GDT for Haiti)

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Ottawa Senators
@ Montreal Canadiens

Saturday, Jan 16, 2010, 7:00 PM EST
Bell Centre

Enemy: Habs Eyes on the Prize

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Welcome to today's open GameThread, which will be a very special edition: For every comment in the GameThread, the guys behind Silver Seven are going to donate $0.05 to the Canadian Red Cross for the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. We always have a good time in the GDTs, but today we'll try and do some good while we're at it. For the promotion, we've also got the support of Derek from The Copper & Blue and Rudy from Battle of California, a couple of other SB Nation bloggers--thanks to them for getting behind us on this.

Just a couple of notes about it:

  • For every (sensible and relevant) comment made in this thread before 11:59 p.m. today, we're donating $0.05; make comments about the game, about the Senators, hockey, Haiti, or contribute to a thread, but please don't spam the GDT with nonsensical stuff.
  • Our goal is to hit 4,000 comments; do all you can to help us get there. That will leave us with a donation of $200 going towards the Haiti relief fund, and would smash our previous GDT comment record of 608 comments.
  • New commenters are always welcome here on Silver Seven, and registration is simple. Get in here, and be a part of this good cause.

Now, onto some notes about tonight's game between the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens:

  • As we said earlier, the Senators should be recharged by the returns of Daniel Alfredsson and Filip Kuba.
  • And as we also said earlier, Mike Brodeur will get his second straight start for the Senators.
  • Someone's going to come out for Alfie, people have said that might be Kaspars Daugavins. If that's the case, the lines will probably start out as Foligno-Fisher-Alfredsson, Kovalev-Regin-Shannon, Ruutu-Kelly-Neil, Cheechoo-Smith-Donovan.
Anyway, let's enjoy the game tonight, and get this comment count way up high.