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Silver Nuggets: Tonight's Lineup, Kelly's Contract Woes

Silver Nuggets is your collection of the day's top Senators updates and stories. It may be updated periodically throughout the day if anything else breaks:

  • Tonight's forward line-up: Michalek-Spezza-Alfredsson; Kovalev-Regin-Fisher; Foligno-Shannon-Cheechoo; Schubert-Kelly-Neil. (Sens Twitter)
  • Tonight's defense line-up: Phillips-Volchenkov; Campoli-Carkner; Lee-Karlsson.
  • For those keeping score, that means Shean Donovan, Alex Picard, Zach Smith, and most surprisingly, Jarkko Ruutu are sitting out. Just to start some gossip, this is because Donovan is injured, Picard is getting traded, Smith is getting sent down to Binghamton, and Ruutu has been suspended in what Colin Campbell is referring to as a "pre-emptive strike."
  • Bryan Murray has yet to find a trading partner to help make room for the new guys. I heard somewhere that Edmonton usually has interest in our sloppy seconds cast-offs, don't they? (Slam)
  • The reason fans don't like Chris Kelly as much as they used to is because he signed a big contract. Say, isn't that why Phoenix doesn't like Gretzky? (Citizen)
  • Daniel Alfredsson:"Obviously, I can see the end coming because I’m not going to sign another contract after this one." Let's enjoy him while we can, because his retirement is going to be among the saddest days in this franchise's history. (Slam)
  • Tonight is the last chance for guys like Erik Karlsson to prove they belong on this team to start the year. So, no pressure, kid. (Citizen)
  • Sens Army triumphantly declares that the Dark Era of the Senators is over, despite the regular season still being a week away. (Sens Army
  • Update: Stay Classy has a list of the Top 10 Sens games to watch this season. (Stay Classy)
  • Update: An interview with Steve Warne of the Team 1200, a man who doubts Peter Regin and feels that the new kids won't be able to handle the NHL grind (except Karlsson, who is a "slam dunk"). (Stay Classy)