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OMG Heatley might say something tomorrow, might not

Wow. According to Darren Dreger of TSN, Dany Heatley will finally talk about his trade request and current awkwardness with the Ottawa Senators on Friday. Will he say anything of merit? Somehow I doubt it.

Heatley will be accompanied in Kelowna by agent Stacey McAlpine who says we shouldn't expect his client to shed much light on why the star winger wants out of Ottawa.  "There are several factors and a variety of reasons," McAlpine told TSN.  "However, out of respect to the Ottawa Senators and all involved, Dany is not getting into specifics...that will remain confidential."


"...out of respect for the Ottawa Senators"? Give me a break. This guy doesn't have respect for the Ottawa Senators, and that seems abundantly clear at this point.