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Who Gets Heatley's A?

We still do not know if Dany Heatley will be an Ottawa Senator next season. What we do know, though, is that his actions in the past month have all but guaranteed that even if he does stay, he will have lost his standing as Alternate Captain. After all, a captain, even an alternate captain, is supposed to be a leader on and off the ice. Where is Dany Heatley going to lead the Sens next season? To a preferred destination?

So, with the assumption that Heatley loses his 'A' whether he stays or leaves, the Ottawa Senators will be in need of someone else to receive the honour. Now the question is: who should that person be?

Given the love-fest surrounding Jason Spezza these days and his excellent handling of the whole Heatley fiasco, one would assume Spez is the front-runner. After all, he logs plenty of minutes, is bound to be in the top 3 for points this season, and is signed for the next six seasons. Giving him the 'A' seems pretty logical.

But there are plenty of other candidates. Mike Fisher seems like a good choice, given he has previously worn the 'A' and has the right attitude. Our newest addition, Alex Kovalev, wore the 'A' in Montreal and occasionally the 'C' while Saku Koivu was injured, yet Kovalev's brief tenure with the Sens suggests that it should go to someone a bit more long term. Filip Kuba and Anton Volchenkov would be good, though I'm unsure of their English language capabilities (I know that Volchenkov struggles with it at times, but I'm not sure I've ever seen Kuba speak). Nick Foligno might be a good one, but it's very hard to imagine him getting it over Fisher.

It'd seem to me that Fisher and Spezza are the favourites, but what do you think?