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Hunt declines B-Sens, returns to WHL

Reports are indicating that Curtis Hunt, former assistant coach with the Ottawa Senators who was subsequently demoted to head coach of the Binghamton Senators, has declined to return to Binghamton and decided to go back to his roots with the WHL's Regina Pats.

Michael Sharp had some comments from Hunt on his blog, Sharp on the Sens:

“When I weigh everything out, I thought this was a decision … that’s best for everybody in my family,” he said. “Obviously last year, I think it was a difficult year and certainly it was a great year for me in terms of personal development -- with an opportunity in Ottawa, and then of course the opportunity that I had to come to Binghamton, in terms of learning.

“But I think a tough year for everybody also, and so when I weighed out all the options that I had and the different places I could go, I did not feel it hurt my development to come to Regina. And there were some obviously other benefits as well.”

Sharp also posted comments from B-Sens forward Josh Hennessy:

“Canadian Major Junior Hockey’s a huge deal in Canada. It’s on a comparable level, I would say, prestige-wise for a coach. So, I’m not completely surprised. I’m certainly disappointed, because I thought the guys really had a lot of respect for him, and I personally thought he was a great coach. And I enjoyed playing for him a lot.”

I can't really say I know a lot about Hunt's coaching style, and he certainly wasn't in an easy situation in Binghamton. Still, the B-Sens' were sitting pretty under Cory Clouston, and fell in the standings and out of the playoffs uder Hunt.

And for the third consecutive summer, the Ottawa Senators organization will be hunting for a head coach--this time for the AHL.