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No Habs No replies: Dion Phaneuf

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Dion Phaneuf has gone up significantly in my books. I always knew that he was a good defenceman, skilled on either side of the puck, but he seemed a bit... I don't know... robotic. I didn't think he had a sense of humour. Turns out he does.

Phaneuf is one of 29 NHL players (so far) to have been sent a No Habs No! letter, and he's now become the first to send me a response. I sent him a letter on Feb. 12, 2009, and received his response--in the form of an autographed player card, and the return of his No Habs No! loonie--on April 6, 2009. I can only assume that he returned the dollar out of fear of any tax implications the extra income would have brought about.

Here's a scan of the hand-autographed card he sent to the campaign, which will be entered into the No Habs No! Hall of Fame:


This leaves me with a decision: What to do with the loonie. I would like to trade it for a Montréal Canadiens centennial-issue loonie and incinerate that one, but I'm open to any ideas campaign members may have.

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