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Round Two Predictions (Using the Sens' Failures)

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At the start of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I used the Sens' failures during the regular season to predict the series' winners. That methodology was fairly successfuly, even predicting the Anahiem/San Jose upset via a coin flip. Unfortunately, it also had New Jersey, Columbus, and Calgary making it through to the next round, leaving a 5-3 record in Round One. How about round two?

(note: to recap the methodology: in brackets will be the team's record against the Sens from the regular season (W-L-OTL). If that is not conclusive, I'll also include GD - goal differential. If that's not conclusive? I'll flip a coin . To account for home-ice advantage in this flip, the home team gets heads)



Boston Bruins (5-1-0; GD=+6) vs. Carolina Hurricanes (2-2-0; GD=-4)

Winner =  Boston

Washington Capitals (2-2-0; GD=+5) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (1-2-1; GD=-2)

Winner = Washington



Detroit Red Wings (1-0-0; GD=+1)  vs. Anaheim Ducks (1-0-0; GD=+1)

Winner (by coin) = Anaheim

Vancouver Canucks (2-0-0; GD=+6) vs. Chicago Blackhawks (1-0-0; GD=+2  [+4 after adjustment])

Winner = Vancouver

Some interesting points here: Anahiem cannot be stopped in a coin flip, proving that commenter Bloggy might be right when he said "tails never fails." In three tosses for these predictions, it's come up tails every time, home-ice advantage be damned. Ducks over Wings is one of two upsets picked here, as most have Pittsburgh pegged to make it through the second round over Washington.

Post your round two predictions in the comments!