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No Habs No: Heatley, Antropov, Recchi, and Talbot

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The final four No Habs No! letters of the regular season, as the Habs went on to lose the final four games of the regular season. Stay tuned to the blog for Wednesday, when we'll publish the biggest letters of the season: The four playoff-edition letters, one for each Boston Bruin player who scored a playoff game-winning goal.

First off is Dany Heatley, who became the second Ottawa Senator to contribute to the campaign (after Daniel Alfredsson):


Then Nik Antropov, now of the New York Rangers, in a letter brought to you by Eric from, a New York Rangers blog:


And in a much closer game than any of those from the playoffs, Boston's Mark Recchi scored an overtime game-winner on April 9:


Finally, to end the regular season, Maxime Talbot scored the game-winner in Pittsburgh's 3-1 victory:


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