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Open thread: NHL Entry Draft Lottery

Well, Ottawa Senators fans, the entire season has come down to this: The NHL Entry Draft Lottery, tonight at 8 p.m., broadcast on TSN. How sad is it that for every team who doesn't make the playoffs, the only purpose for their 82-game season was to determine where they will draft the following year? Pretty sad, if you ask me.

Ottawa has a 2.7 per cent chance of winning the lottery and moving from their current drafting position, ninth overall, as high as fifth for the draft. Not a good chance, but a chance nonetheless.

Anyway, if anyone's tuning in to the entry draft, let 'er rip. I'll be at a hockey pool so I may not be offering much insight, but I'll read up when I get home. I'm sure it's going to be riveting seeing Bettman reach around and playing with balls.