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It's not over: Sens can still make playoffs!

It's not over, Sens fans! Although the loss to the Florida Panthers combined with the Montréal Canadiens win last night put a heck of a dent on the Sens' playoff chances, Sports Club Stats is still reporting that Ottawa still has a 0.000006 per cent chance of making the playoffs! That's about six in a million.

And you know what's even better? The Maple Leafs are OFFICIALLY, absolutely, without a doubt, eliminated from the playoffs. WE MADE IT LONGER THAN THE LEAFS! Battle of Ontario once again goes to the Senators! Good work, Ottawa! Small victories.

A commenter correctly pointed out the following circumstance that could result in the Senators making the playoffs:

The Sens could still make the playoffs with a 6-0 finish if the Canadiens go 0-6, the Panthers 0-4-1 or worse, and the Sabres 2-3-2 to make a three-way tie at 88 points and 39 wins. The Sens would win that tiebreak even though they have lost the season series to Montreal, thanks to their 10 points vs. Buffalo.

Were that exact scenario to happen, there would be a three-way tie for eighth place in the Eastern Conference between the Senators, Canadiens, and Sabres. Wouldn't that be exciting!

So... it's a virtual impossibility, but still not yet a statistical impossibility.