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Please welcome DarrenM to the S7S team

I'm pleased to annouce a new addition to the writing team on Silver Seven: DarrenM!

DarrenM's from Kitimat, B.C.--home of the Marsh Peg goal-anchoring system, as well as New Jersey Devils prospect Rod Pelley--but has developed a fondness for the Ottawa Senators despite his geographic distance from the team.

Darren will likely focus on longer, research-intensive stories while I focus on the breaking news, but that's certainly not to say that we can't each do both. Check out his unofficial first post, the Ottawa Senators season of frustration-inspired drinking game, and on Tuesday afternoon you'll see his official first post, a look at the top ten undrafted players in the NHL, as inspired by the Senators' recent signing of Craig Schira.

So welcome, DustinM!