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Welcome to Silver Seven

Welcome, friends, to the brand new Silver Seven blog, featuring commentary on the Ottawa Senators of the NHL. For the time being, the only author for the site will be myself, PeterR, who you may know from my work over at Sens Army Blog. You can expect much of the same content adn writing style that I had on that site, along with more features thanks to the upgraded format here on Sports Blogs Nation.


It's an interesting time for Sens fans, to say the least. As of writing, the Sens were in 12th place and 13 points out of a playoff spot; it's something we haven't really dealt with since 1996. We're in a rebuilding stage, one that perhaps should have started a year ago, but it will make for some interesting roster movements in the coming days, weeks, and months. So stay tuned, and I'll try and do what I can to offer as much insight into our developing prospects so we can get an idea what to expect.


As for the site name, many of you likely know of the Ottawa Silver Seven. In the event you don't, though, the Silver Seven were an Ottawa-based hockey dynasty from 1903-1906. Led by one-eyed Frank McGee, who scored 135 goals in 45 games (and actually had only one eye), the Silver Seven won eleven consecutive Stanley Cup challenges.


While we wait for the current Ottawa Senators to string together eleven consecutive Stanley Cups, though, you might as well hang out here. Check in daily or so, subscribe to the RSS feed (at left), post some Fanshots and let me know what you're thinking about the Sens.