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Game 26: Ottawa Senators at Los Angeles Kings

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Ottawa Senators
@ Los Angeles Kings

Thursday, Dec 3, 2009, 10:30 PM EST

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After a tough road loss to the San Jose Sharks, the Senators look to start getting some wins on this road trip. A good place to start? Los Angeles. A few players I'll be watching tonight:

  • Erik Karlsson: Erik looked more confident last game than he has in any other NHL appearance, and hopefully that carries over to tonight's game.
  • Anton Volchenkov: He had a tough game in his return from injury, so hopefully he's shaken off the rust and can be that reliable shutdown guy the team needs.
  • Mike Fisher: Like Volchenkov, Fish hasn't been quite himself since returning from injury. Here's hoping he puts up a goal tonight and gets back into his goal scoring groove.
  • Anze Kopitar: This guy is too good to stay quiet this long. Sens have got to watch out for him. <insert Brian Lee comment here>.

As always, join in on the fun in the comments during the game! Sleep is for the weak (or not necessary for several more hours for those of us on the west coast)!