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Silver Nuggets: Fisher and Underwood engaged, injury updates

IS SILVER NUGGETZ NOW! Ottawa Senators news for the day

  • Yes, it is confirmed: Senators centre Mike Fisher has proposed to country star Carrie Underwood, and she accepted. Good for them, congratulations to both. Now, some buzzwords to increase the SEO: fisherwood, boyfriend, american idol, girlfriend, hot celebrities. (Sun)
  • The prediction panel makes a triumphant return for tonight's game against the Boston Bruins, and a pretty significant majority are picking Ottawa for the win. (Citizen)
  • No lineup changes for tonight, but Pascal Leclaire and Chris Neil are both expected to slot in for Wednesday's game, while Shean Donovan may be as little as a week away from a return. (Twitter)
  • It had been a while between goals for Erik Karlsson, but he's apparently looking for a bit more consistency. I'd be fine with that. (Citizen)

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  • Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds head coach Denis Lambert gave Senators prospect goaltender Robin Lehner plenty of credit for his team's early-season success (or at least relative to their expectations going into the year). (Sault Star)
  • Apparently a swap of Jason Spezza for Dion Phaneuf would be a "dream deal" for both teams, according to Brian Costello's blog on The Hockey News website. As much as I'd love to see Phaneuf come in and stabilize the d-corps, Ottawa's future offensive picture are a lot bleaker than the defensive prospects in the system. Getting rid of Spezza, even if he is underperforming, would just compound those problems. (THN)