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Game 30: Ottawa Senators @ Philadelphia Flyers

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Ottawa Senators
@ Philadelphia Flyers

Thursday, Dec 10, 2009, 7:00 PM EST
Wachovia Center

Enemy: Broad Street Hockey

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Ottawa is in Philly to square off against the Broad Street Bullies, who are arguably the most disappointing team this season. Their roster says Cup contender, their record says out of the playoffs. Still, not a team to take lightly, especially with their recent coaching change. Here are players I'll be watching tonight:

  • Jason Spezza & Alex Kovalev - they've been called out by coach, GM, owner, and major media outlets. It's about time they start to put up the points that Melnyk (and ultimately, the fans) pay them so well for.
  • Jarkko Ruutu - Isn't Philly the type of team that brings out the best in Ruutu?
  • Jesse Winchester - I realized yesterday that he's older than Milan Michalek, and only four months younger than Spezza. I always look forward to some hits and smart plays from Winnie.
  • Erik Karlsson - I really want to see this kid score a goal. Everyone else agree with that?
  • Mike "Not Martin" Brodeur - There will be at least one shot of him sitting comfortably on the bench, desperately wondering when his shot will come.

As always, tag along in the comments before and during the game for some good, mostly-clean fun. Go Sens!