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Silver Nuggets: Volchenkov, Fisher in; Campoli, Regin out

Since it's a late game tonight, why not a late news rundown for the day? Here goes, all the happenings in the world of the Ottawa Senators today:

  • Darren already mentioned it, but with Anton Volchenkov ready to go tonight, Chris Campoli is the odd man out. The move doesn't surprise me at all; although Alex Picard's worst games have been worse than Campoli's worst, his better games have been much better.
  • Also of note is the return continued presence of Mike Fisher to the lineup, with Peter Regin taking a seat to let him back in. Not sure if it's a statement on his play or an injury-related issue, but I heard on the radio Regin's out in favour of Ryan Keller. (Team 1200)
  • Brian Elliott will play tonight, despite an injury scare in practice yesterday. (Sun)
  • Speaking of tonight's game, check out the prediction panel; my call is a homerristic 5-3 Senators victory. (Citizen)
  • Sens prospect Erik Condra reportedly got slapped with a Disorderly Conduct charge after peeing on a police cruiser. Classy... (Sharp)
  • UPDATE: Goalie prospect Robin Lehner was ranked 13 in The Goalie Guild's long-term goalie prospects ranking, although that was behind four guys who are already in the NHL. (Goalie Guild)
  • UPDATE: The Senators fell to seven in the Eastern Conference in SB Nation's NHL power rankings. (SB Nation)