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Gabe Desjardins on the Illegal Curve Radio Show


Listen to TSN1290 from 12-3 tomorrow as Gabe Desjardins (Hawerchuk) is in-studio with the IC Boys to talk some puck and probably some advanced stats as well.

Illegal Curve Looks at Comps for Blake Wheeler's Cost


Buckle up Jet Setters, we need to keep our eye on all these RFAs, UFAs, and bears. Especially the bears. This is a solid article from Richard Pollack over at Illegal Curve; incidentally, Illegal Curve has been coming out with a bunch of interesting articles concerning the Jets lately, so be sure to check them out. Also relevant: the chips are starting to fall. Per his Twitter feed @Astew22, Anthony Stewart won't be re-signed by Winnipeg. He becomes an unrestricted free agent. UPDATE: Looks like, according to a report from the Winnipeg Sun, Rob Schremp and Brett Festerling won't be coming back, either.

IllegalCurve Radio Show guest will be Damian Cristodero


Here's a heads-up for Tampa Bay Lightning fans: St. Pete Times beat writer Damian Cristordero will be a guest tonight on the Illegal Curve radio show (which airs between 8 and 10 PM EDT). Click HERE to go directly to the show's location. Drew at Illegal Curve encourages fans to drop him a line with questions to pose. Email him at drew@illegalcurve.com

Illegal Curve Radio: Miami Herald's George Richards guests


Panthers beat writer to cover GM, ownership situations

Dater On IllegalCurve Radio Show


"The Dater interview was the last 20 minutes of the show. He discussed the Avs front office moves, he lamented the Darcy Tuker signing, talked a bit about the Avs upcoming draft picks and some of the moves we can expect this summer (bye bye Arnason)." - WpgMikos

Accountability (redux)


The fallout from Spezzagate, or: A rope of sand

Spezza's infraction: Rule 10.1


Jason Spezza was assessed an illegal stick penalty on March 9, 2009. Silver Seven takes a look at the NHL's rulebook on illegal sticks, in particular the infraction pertinent to Spezza.

Who calls an illegal stick?: Sens 2, Leafs 1


Silver Seven game recap: Ottawa Senators v. Toronto Maple Leafs, March 9, 2009.

Illegal Curve speaks with From The Rink's Mirtle


Richard from IC welcomes SBNation's James Mirtle for a terrific interview, primarily covering current and future hockey blogging.

Southeast Summary at Illegal Curve


Grab a cocktail, kick back, and relive those crazy days of yesterweeks... Richard at Illegal Curve - a several-times daily roundup of all the news in the NHL, and I do mean ALL of it - was kind...

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