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Didier Drogba's New Fan

Now unless you are into American Football (Rugby with Helmets and Shoulder Pads), you are not going to know who Ian Johnson is. If you are into American Football (Rugby with Helmets and Shoulder...


Edison, THE Original Blogger

There are few people who have had more impact on our lives than Thomas Edison, holder of over 1,000 patents for inventions in such diverse areas as electricity, light bulb, wireless technology,...

Notre Dame Unveils Their New "Thanks To Me Lucky Charms" Helmet


Notre Dame Unveils Their New "Thanks To Me Lucky Charms" Helmet

What Kind of Helmet does Austin Collie wear?

Football is a high impact, physical and dangerous sport. With all those bodies flying around like they do, there are going to be some concussions. The football helmet as we know it was designed to reduce the chance of skull fracture not concussions. But this was long before we learned of the long term effect concussions can have on a player later in life. Through the years, technology has advanced and helmets have gotten better. But there are no rules in place that require the players to upgrade their helmets. "Nearly 40 percent of NFL players last season wore a helmet model that got the second-lowest rating for reducing the risk of concussions in a study by Virginia Tech researchers." As a fan I find this unacceptable. When I'm watching my favorite players bolting down the field, the last thing on my mind should be "is this multi-millon dollar athlete wearing sub-standard equipment?" "last year that three helmet models -- two made by Riddell and one by Schutt -- met all three criteria for qualifying as a top-performing helmet when 16 were tested." Three out of 16 are top performers. How about a new rule that requires one of these 3 helmets? I know players are always looking for a competitive advantage. I've read an article at one point that most colts don't even wear half the pads available to be faster on the field. News flash gentlemen, you're not helping your team on the INJURED RESERVE! I would love to know how Austin Collie's helmet ranked last year as he's getting sandwiched running up the seam. Or if Bob Sanders was wearing quarterback pads during the one game he played last year. Man up, suit up, wear your damn helmet! Peace

Bulwark football helmets aim to improve concussion safety without compromising style

Whenever you talk about concussions, you inevitably end up talking about helmets. The problem, of course, is that most attempts to create a more concussion-proof football helmet have looked impossibly dorky, from the ProCap (almost universally referred to as the "Great Gazoo" helmet) to the more recent Gladiator. Most players would rather get knocked out cold than wear something like those. Ah, but what if a safer helmet could also look totally badass?

Concussions? Check Your Headgear

Silver Seven tries to figure out why only eleven NHL players are wearing the new M11 helmet that protects against concussions.

New Uniforms Unveiled

Mississippi State unveiled their new Adidas uniforms at a press conference recently. The biggest change with the new uniform is the switch back to maroon helmets, replacing the white helmets that most fans despised.

Colts tie Packers for helmet greatness

MDJ's Yahoo blog (Shutdown Corner) rated the Colts helmet 3rd overall in the Coolest Helmet(s) in History. The Colts tied the Green Bay Packers for 3rd place. Both helments, accoridng to MDJ, are...

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