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BSH Raises $304 For Haiti Relief


It's been a few weeks since we closed our Haiti donations, but I wanted to pass along this final message. Thanks to the donations from seventeen Broad Street Hockey readers, we were able to raise $...

Update: Defending Big D's Haiti Relief Fundraiser


With two days left before our big fundraiser, I wanted to update everyone on how this will work and what we've done so far when it comes to getting the word out. For those that don't know,...

Major aftershock hits Haiti, help us raise continue to raise money


If you missed it buried in the recap of last night's game, we took part in a game thread over at The Cannon which benefited charity organizations working in Haiti. Mike MacLean of that site pledged 0.05 cents of his own money for each comment that was made, and largely thanks to BSH readers, the final tally came in at 1,108 comments, good for $55.40. Here at BSH, we've decided to try matching that total and thus far, we've succeeded twice over. 11 of us have donated, including one kind soul who contributed 40 dollars to the cause, and we've earned $129.00. But after the news today that a 6.1 magnitude aftershock struck 30 miles outside the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince, the people there need any more help that they can get. Click the large link above and you'll see the donation button. It's easy to contribute and you'll even get your name on the website telling everybody how awesome you are. If you have the financial means to do so, remember that every little bit counts. Think about it: 11 people have donated, but there have been 1,315 visitors to the site today as of this writing. If each one of those people who have yet to donate threw in just a dollar, we'd raise... well, that's easy math. Seriously, every little bit counts.

Defending Big D's Haiti Relief Fundraiser


SB Nation hockey has already done a tremendous job supporting the relief efforts in Haiti. Silver Seven ran a fundraiser on Sunday and last night Pension Plan Puppets ran a tremendously successful...

Giants Haiti Auction


Big bucks charity auction with pretty big prizes.

Earthquake In Haiti: How You Can Help - SB Nation


Very off topic but something that is dominating the news right now is the destruction and despair in Haiti after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the island, laying waste to so many homes, businesses, and lives. SB Nation points you in the direction of several charitable organizations regarding where you can donate and help out. Please don't just sit on the sidelines.

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