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NJ Devils in Europe Roundup: Week 10


On this week's look at the New Jersey Devils players performing abroad in Europe, Artur Gavrus racked up the assists, Marek Zidlicky remains the top Czech league defenseman in scoring, Vladimir...

Vladimir Zharkov is Ranked #9 on Top 25 U-25 List


Vladimir Zharkov is the oldest member on the Top 25 New Jersey Devils Under 25 list and he ended up at #9. While he jumped to the KHL in this past summer, his NHL experience and his usefulness on...

Roundup: Kovy Scores 3 & 2 More Devils in Europe


In this week's European roundup, there are now five Devils to follow. Ilya Kovalchuk scored a hat trick to lead his team to a big win, Marek Zidlicky managed to not get a penalty in two games, and...

Across the Water: Coyotes Past and Present Overseas


Many great players have found success on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Here's a look a some recent Coyotes who have made the trek overseas.

I Could Totally Get Used To This


This just goes to show me for underestimating our wonderful boys. I thought for sure we would be lucky to pull a draw out of this game. After all, they are s much further along in their season,...

CSKA Moscow v Inter, Champions League Take Two


So we finally won a game. Great. Unfortunately, it doesn't amount to a hill of beans for the Champions League. After our poor start against Trabzonspor, the club will definitely be looking for a...

The Road to Madrid: CL Final -2


I thought, as we all desperately look for something to do while we wait the 2 days, 3 hours, 12 minutes, and 18 17 16 seconds until the final starts, that I would post our road to Madrid. It wont...

CSKA Moscow 0 - 1 Inter Milan: WHOOPIE


And we are through to the semifinals! Now, before Lionel Messi leaves little golden boot prints all over our defense's faces, lets take a moment to enjoy this win. Hopefully MAD will get a recap...

CSKA Moscow v Inter Milan Champions League Quarterfinal Liveblog


Ok - I know this is sudden, but I figure what the heck - lets live a little. I am taking the morning off and running a liveblog. Hooray for us and Forza Inter. CSKA Moscow v Inter Milan Live Blog

Inter - CSKA Moscow: The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming - Again.


Well, we made it through to the quarter finals and once again, we have drawn the unknown entity that the Russian teams always seem to represent. They are so mysterious: the Russian Premier League...

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