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Concussion Debate and Potential Solutions

After a World Cup that featured a few players return to the field after encountering "that player should not return to the field" concussion scares, I am interested in seeing how FIFA reacts (or...

Michael Johnson: 'Grant is milking his injury'


"The Menace" is staying true to his nickname with Twitter insinuations that former title hopeful TJ Grant is milking his concussion to try and keep his place in the UFC rankings.


Behind the scenes on new concussion research

I thought this was cool. It's a video that shows University of Michigan engineering and medical researchers testing concussion sensors by smashing helmets together over and over again. They're...

Sharks Gameday: Detecting Concussions


The NHL needs to immediately adopt this impartial concussion-detecting device.


Why The Leafs Possession Game (and Corsi) Will Dramatically Improve This Season. Reason #1.

Here's the #1 reason why the Leafs will be a vastly superior possession team this year - While debate about Clarkson and Grabo and Bolland and Bozie was busily sucking the oxygen out of the...

OTTR Podcast: Episode 12-CWF Battle of the Belts 2

Each episode features the guys discussing the latest news & goings-on of note. The 12th full episode is ready for your listening pleasure with Mike & Rex on the mic! This week's episode features...

X Rules: WWE gets one call right, blows another

WWE gets a virtual pat on the back for pulling Dolph Ziggler from Extreme Rules, followed by a virtual chop to the throat for missing the boat on Big E. Langston, who had the opportunity for a...

NFL Thoughts Week 11: Chicago Bears and Beyond


We waited until all the week 11 games were done this week before delving into our NFL Thoughts. Be sure to add a few of your own.


Why I Don't Want RG3 On the Field this Week

All week we're going to be hearing the catchphrase "mild concussion." Excuse me for saying this phrase is major bullshit. The "minor" comes from the term "Minor Head Trauma (MHT.)" It's also...

WWE confirms Alberto Del Rio concussion, new opponent for Sheamus will be announced on Raw


Alberto Del Rio has suffered a concussion. Alberto Del Rio was suppose to wrestle Sheamus on Sunday for the title. What's WWE going to do?

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