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MLB's strange brew


When MLB announced the addition of beer vending machines at Target Field, it also announced the end of four decades of trying to limit fans' alcohol consumption.


City Passed Once Again by All-Star Weekend

Well, here we are approaching another all-star weekend. Every year around this time I have to wonder... Why is it that the Indiana Pacers and Indianapolis, with what is widely considered one of the...

Any Way You Slice It, Boogie Cousins Is An All-Star


Please take a look at my article on Demarcus Cousins deserved All-Star status. Any comments, shares, or rec's are greatly appreciated. Tell me what you think! Vote Boogie!

MLS All Star Game 2013: Lineups and Live Thread

Matty Jollie confesses his true love for the MLS All Star Game and tells you why, even without a New England Revolution player on the roster, this match means more to you than you think.

Revisiting the Question Marks From Preseason

The 2013 Preseason posed many questions for the Revs heading into Heaps' second year. We're nearly halfway through year two...have the preseason mysteries been solved?

Baseball at the All-Star break: Time to get serious!


Buster Posey The Major League Baseball All-Stars have been announced so that means if you wear Yankee pinstripes then you are going to the...

Yankee Doodle Doiby


Jason Giambi's swing was unaffected by his Home Run Derby win in 2002. (AP) The 28th annual Home Run Derby will air tonight at 8pm on ESPN....

My AL All-Star Ballot


Fan voting for the All-Star starters ends at midnight tonight, so here's a quick look at who the most deserving American League candidates are and how the Yankees' starting nine stacks up. First...

Rave Green Links, PLUS the Real Cause of Freddie's Migraines


(Photo: SkySports) Freddie Ljungberg was hospitalized with another migraine immediately after the All Star game last night. I blame Tim Howard. (Seriously, look at the photo. He's wrinkling...

Catching Up: More All Stars, Montero to Fulham (Or NOT), Hanauer's Biggest Payne and Other Fun Stuff


The toughest part about blogging is trying to decide what to write about when you've been gone. Do you try to catch up on everything, or just pretend it never happened (or that everybody's read it...

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