Silver Nuggets

Silver Nuggets: How to line them up?


Your weekly Sens links, this time asking how you'd structure the lineup for this upcoming year.

Silver Nuggets: Hockey Analytics Edition


Your weekly Ottawa Senators links, plus a series of articles to help you understand advanced stats in hockey (that really aren't that advanced) if you're interested in learning!

Silver Nuggets: Talkin' about Andreas Englund


Your Sens links for the start of the week!

Silver Nuggets: Optimism v. Pessimism


Your biweekly Sens links and a mini-discussion on attitudes when covering a team.

Silver Nuggets: Quantity for Quality?


Your Senators links for the past couple days, accompanied by a question on potential trade targets for the organization.

Silver Nuggets: A Reintroduction


A collection of Sens-related links for the Ottawa Senators fan.

Silver Nuggets: Roll Call!


Your annual introduction to the Silver Seven staff

Silver Nuggets: New Year's Resolutions


2013 was a mix of good and bad for the Senators: injuries, unexpected playoff success, roster turnover, slow starts, and big trades. Hoping for better in 2014? Here are some Senators-related New...

Silver Nuggets: Top 10 Senators Headlines of 2013


It's been a busy year for the Senators with many highs and lows. Here's a look at the top stories from 2013. 10. Ottawa's poor play to start the 2013-2014 season. Predicted by many to contend in...

Silver Nuggets: The Best of Silver Seven 2013


A look at the best writing from the past year


Silver Nuggets: Silver Seven Awards 2013


Wondering which community members were the most active on Silver Seven during 2013? Wonder no longer, because here's the leader board!

Silver Nuggets: Light a Mup/Merry Christmas


Jim Henson's Muppets have a long association with Christmas. Beginning in 1979, the Muppets have participated in four Christmas TV movies, the best of which, A Muppet Family Christmas, is...

Silver Nuggets: Florida, Crouching.. uhh, Panthers


A challenger appears!

Silver Nuggets: Maple Leafs, Fancystats Canary


Or at least the canary for wider acceptance of advanced statistics.

Silver Nuggets:Tampa Bay - Sleeping Dragon?


Or maybe not-so-sleeping

Silver Nuggets: Montreal Canadiens - Paper Tiger?


Could the Senators actually catch the Habs before the season is out?

Silver Nuggets: Must Wins


When is a win more important?

Silver Nuggets: The Curse of Inconsistency


The truth about the Senators' struggles was revealed last night.

Silver Nuggets: Looking at Martin Erat


You know things are getting desperate when the fanbase is even remotely interested in bringing on board a winger who's made two trade demands in less than a calendar year...

Silver Nuggets: And now for something positive


After yesterday, we need it

Silver Nuggets: Building a team


For all their struggles, the Senators are loaded with good, young talent. Now pick the best one!

Silver Nuggets: The Money Myth, Part 2


Could the Senators just buy a defenseman to solve their defensive problems?

Silver Nuggets: The Money Myth, Part 1


There's some misconceptions about how money works in the salary cap era.

Silver Nuggets: Down on the farm


It's been a while since I looked at how the Binghamton Senators were faring, so I figured I'd check it out.

Silver Nuggets: Phillips' future


Chris Phillips is the longest-serving Ottawa Senator. His deal's up at the end of this season. What's in store for the Big Rig?

Silver Nuggets: Spezza's Future


Could the Senators lose their newest captain after just two seasons?

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