Tactical Formations: The Dump and Chase


Explaining the infamous dump and chase and contrasting it to controlled zone entries.

Tactical Formations: Powerplay


The third installment of our four part series at Silver Seven that explores the tactical side of hockey.

Tactical Formations: Penalty Kill


While the Senators weren't the most effective penalty killing team in the league, they implemented many common PK tactics. Here's a look at what kind of formations we saw this year.

Tactical Formations: The Breakout


How do NHL teams break out of their end?

An Analysis of the Return for Jason Spezza


An analytical review of the return the Senators acquired in exchange for Jason Spezza.

3 Reasons Mika Zibanejad is Ready


Only one player played slightly better without Mika Zibanejad and that was Erik Karlsson, no surprise there. On average his line mates Corsi for at five on five play was 2.2% higher when they...

Norris Trophy Winner Erik Karlsson?


Erik Karlsson was deserving of the Norris Trophy this season and here is why...

What return should Senators expect for Spezza?


Looking at recent trade history and the interested teams, we piece together the potential return in the probable Jason Spezza trade

Ottawa's Crease in Three Years


An analytical look at the Senators goalies over the next three years to try and forecast where Ottawa should be heading.

In Our Defense: An Examination of the Sens D-Men


A look at the strengths and weaknesses of the Senators defensemen.


Bye Bye Gryba - What to do with the Sens Defence


An investigation into who's going to fill the 7 spots on the blue line heading into next season

Let's sign this Anton Stralman guy

Anton Stralman is in the midst of a career-defining playoff run with the New York Rangers, but he's also an impending unrestricted free agent who seems underrated by many. The Senators should...

The Case For and Against Signing Dan Boyle


Should the Senators sign UFA defenseman Dan Boyle?

Week Ahead: Apr 12 to 13


Of course the season had to end like this - in a back to back with travel.

Week Ahead: Apr 5 to 11

Anybody have anything we can say we're playing for at this point? Anybody?

Week Ahead: Mar 29 to Apr 4

9 games left in the season

The Anatomy of a Cup Contender


Ever wonder what it takes for a team to ascend from a playoff team to a Cup contender? Click and find out.

Week Ahead: Mar 22 to 28


Don't worry, it's almost over

Week Ahead: Mar 15 to 21


From a week with four days since the last game to four games in a week

Week Ahead: Mar 8 to 14


Getting down to the home stretch

Week Ahead: Mar 1 to 7


Time to hit the road.

Grain of salt: Mike Hoffman's latest callup

Mike Hoffman has great AHL numbers. So what?

Week Ahead: Feb 22 to 28


Olympics are done, back to work

Jason Spezza blameless on game-winning goal


Blame is so much easier than reality.

Week Ahead: Feb 2 to 8


A 4 game week for the Sens going in to the Olympic break


Ottawa's new deal with Bell is great for today, but what does it mean for the future?

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