Bingo Update: Because the NHL Team makes me sad.

The Binghamton Senators have been a successful team this year with a roster built almost entirely on Senator's draft picks and college signings. With the exception of two Trade Deadline depth acquisitions, only Tyler Eckford and Danny New were not directly cultivated by Senators scouting and management. Well lacking currently in Blue-Chip prospects (Puempel being the sole blue-chipper on the roster), the team has at least a few current players with almost surefire NHL futures. This article will give a general overview of the teams season, though I highly suggest looking at Ary M's fantastic comprehensive article on the roster if you want to look deeper into the prospects metrics.


Mike Hoffman: His best professional season by far, he was the AHL's best player for long stretches of the season. Pending an unforeseen injury, he currently enters next years training camp with a spot to lose, only Karlsson can match this guys speed. Likely to be sent down to boost the BSENS in the playoffs.

Stephane Da Costa: After being told to upgrade his off season workout regimen by management he has responded with his best AHL season to date. His work was apparent in his later call-up this year and I would not be surprised if they try and get him on to the roster fullt-time next season. However given the teams current depth at center in the NHL club he may walk in the off-season and attempt to sign with another organization.

Cole Schneider: Easily the teams most improved forward from last year the college grad has made a name for himself in the organization and could be given a shot in the NHL as early as next season.

Matt Puempel: Best shot on the team, the man can score from anywhere. Requires more AHL conditioning to round out his game, his NHL future based on skill alone is a guarantee.

Shane Prince: After a poor start to the year, Prince has rebounded nicely (albeit benefiting from Hoffman's callup and more playing time) and does show the skills and scoring he was drafted for. However Hoffman/Puempel/Schneider currently sit higher on the depth chart and rumblings of his request for a trade reflect this reality.

Pageau: JGP has increased his scoring from last year but his overall place in the organization is still murky. Like Da Costa the current team depth at center hurts his chances.

Mark Stone: Very good year despite injuries, virtual lock to make the team next year. Will be sent down for the Calder Cup Playoffs.

JOB: Meh in the AHL, will be let go after this season.

Buddy Robinson: Big speedy LW has had a fairly good rookie season, appears to be Greening's heir apparent in the depth chart.

Corey Cowick: Last year made it look like he had a future as a grinder in the organization, he has taken a step back and it looks like he will top out as an AHLer.

David "Dizzy" D: Like Cowick the AHL is his limit, future in the organization is limited.

Derek Grant: Has shown he can be a respectable if unspectacular 4th line center in the NHL but when healthy is easily Bingo's most effective defensive center.

Wacey Hamilton: Gone at the end of year, amounted to nothing in the AHL really.

Danny Hobbs: No real chance of ever making the NHL but has looked decent in his call-ups from the ECHL.

Darren Kramer: Kramer Smash....that about it.

Jakub Culek/Ludwig Karlsson: Both have been terrible to mediocre.

TBD: Ryan Dzingel/ Garrett Thompson who have each only played 1 game so far.


Fredirk Claesson: Currently my absolute favourite Sens Prospect (sorry Lazar) he is consistently the best defenceman on the team. Contracts mean he likely will not get a shot in camp next year but expect him to make the roster for the 2015-2016 season.

Mark Borowiecki: Good AHL defenceman but his NHL career will be short in Ottawa, if not they are in trouble.

Chris Wideman: Currently the teams most productive D prospect, he is basically Karlsson light. Having improved his defensive game somewhat, he continues to succeed in his role as PP specialist and puck-moving defenceman. Likely to spend another full season in BIngo.

Michael Sdao: Frankly has had a better rookie season than I thought he would, still he is a long-shot for the NHL at best.

Ben Blood: Bloody sucks

Daniel New: ECHLer who has shown he can hang around in the AHL as a competent puck-moving defenceman.

Troy Rutkowski: A very very meh season for him, spent almost the entire season with the Jackels.

Tyler Eckford: Career AHL defenceman.

Patrick Mullen/Alex Grant: Respectable and veteran defenceman for the BSENS playoff run.


Andrew Hammond: After a less than stellar start Hammond has rounded into a decent AHL starter due to the repeated injuries to Nathan Lawson. Still only see his future in the NHL as a backup, just does not have the talent that Lehner/Bishop did.

Scott Grenham: ECHL goalie who is likely back there next year when Driedger (Won his first professional start last night!) is in camp for Binghamton next year.

Nathan Lawson: Good AHL vet who has continuously battled injuries.

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