Ups and Downs, and Heroes and Zeroes

Over the entire season, I have tracked the cumulative Ups and Downs assigned weekly, and the cumulative Heroes and Zeroes assigned in each game recap. All players started at zero at the beginning of the season. I then added 1 for every Up or Hero or Honourable Mention, subtracted 1 for every Down or Zero or Dishonourable Mention. Players who were not mentioned or who were injured or stayed even remained with the same cumulative count. Clearly, all of this data is based completely upon the opinions of the various writers at Silver Seven Sens. All I did was accumulate the numbers over the season.

First, the overall results sorted from best to worst are in the tables below.


For the Heroes and Zeroes, it is pretty obvious that the best players (Turris, Karlsson, MacArthur, Spezza, and Ryan) are much more mentioned than the rest, at least two or three times as much. The overall team average is 4.79, so these players are way, way above average. At the other end of the scale, Cowen was dead last by a significant margin. As another way of looking at this data, consider the average scores by position. The goalies had an average score of 4.00, the defensemen had 2.71, and the forwards had 5.87. Those averages simply emphasize the general impression that the defence corps was pretty bad this year, and the goalies were not far behind.

For the Ups and Downs, the situation is similar in that the best are clearly standouts, but the players are somewhat different. Methot made it into the top group, while Ryan is down with the rest of the pack. The low man in this measure is Kassian, far worse than the others. The overall team average is 4.17, the goalie average is 1.50, the defenceman average is 3.57, and the forward average is 4.80.

Comparing both tables is interesting. Turris tops one, Karlsson tops the other. Cowen is last in one, and Kassian is last in the other. The players who are the most different are Wiercioch, Smith, and Greening.

I also graphed the changes over the season for Ups and Downs.


This is a pretty dense indecipherable chart, so the next two show a couple of the more interesting trends.

The first is the goalies. As you can see, they are almost mirror images of each other!


The second is the top three, who have been duking it out for the lead since the beginning of the season.


One comment is worthwhile for this chart. It is my understanding that an Up arrow indicates that the player has improved when compared to his play the previous week. Looking at this chart, all three players seem to have improved their play in almost every week! If that were really the case, all three of them should be skating at the speed of sound by now, and scoring 19 goals each game. Obviously, they really didn’t improve so much – they are merely the best players on the team.

Gathering this data has been enjoyable for me, though not always simple. Clearly, this data depends on the writers. Occasional humorous Ups and Downs or Heroes and Zeroes were ignored for this data, though appreciated by me. Even though this information is completely based on the opinions of the writers, I think it does show that the general impressions of various players are reflected by the mentions, though perhaps the writers do tend to be a bit overly generous. In a disastrous season, I find it hard to believe that the team average improved by 4.17 points.

Thanks for reading, folks, and thanks for bearing with me while I collected the data.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Silver Seven community, and does not necessarily reflect the beliefs or opinions of the site managers, editors, or Sports Blogs Nation, Inc.

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