Open Thread for End-of-Season Player + Coach Media Availability

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Join us in discussing all things related to the end of the season!

TSN 1200 will be streaming live all day with player availabilities from 10:30am and Coach MacLean's availability at 3:30pm (all times EST).  Bryan Murray will speak to the media tomorrow.

I'll be putting in thoughts that I find important, and my thoughts will be in bold.

Shawn Simpson teed off today with some thoughts.

  • "What time of return would you expect to receive for Jason Spezza" - If the Senators don't get a contract extension done, the Sens would hope for a young roster player in return.
  • "Do you think that Jason Spezza wants to be traded out of Ottawa" - I've heard speculation, but nothing more. Don't think it'd be a pressure issue with him; I've heard that he has a good relationship with the Coach.
  • "Do you think Paul MacLean gets fired" - I think it's one or the other between MacLean leaving or Spezza leaving; Well, those are two conflicting thoughts back to back by Simmer.
  • Simmer then mentions that Spezza + Karlsson need to play "properly"; 200-ft game. I'm worried that if Spezza goes, Karlsson is next to be the lightning rod
  • Paul MacLean needs to not be on an island when making decisions; have to have support from both the GM and Owner. Mentions the relationship between Chiarelli and Julien. Says that MacLean needs to have a heart-to-heart talk with Bryan Murray on the issues this year.
  • "Names: whether you think they'll be back or not" - Murray (yes), Michalek (yes), Hemsky (yes), Kassian (yes), Spezza (yes), MacLean (no; Murray has to make a change)

Ales Hemsky

On Hemsky, he had 17 points in 20 games and his line with Michalek + Spezza was extremely productive. Pulled his fare share of possession, too (53% Corsi).

Milan Michalek

Interesting to note that Michalek had a poor season, but really turned it around when Hemsky came to Ottawa. Played all 82 games!

Craig Anderson - Click here for audio link

Jason Spezza

Erik Karlsson - click here for audio link

So that's two endorsements for the Coach.

Jared Cowen

Injuries worry me, but I'm glad that it wasn't the same hip. Hopefully he gets in a full summer workout, especially with the Sens skating coach. Via @Wham_City, Cowen was on-ice for 12/18 even-strength goals in the playoffs last year and many thought he rushed back; still rehabbed over this summer. Needs a full summer of work in order to prove himself next year after this year's disappointment.

Robin Lehner

Marc Methot

Clarke MacArthur

Mika Zibanejad

Mika was a pleasant surprise this season, potting 15 goals and working on his overall game w/ average TOI. Looks primed to step into a bigger role next year if the team needs him too. Now, if only he'll start to get more EV TOI than Smith...

Cody Ceci

Zack Smith

Paul MacLean

Transcript available here - video below

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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