NHL Awards for the Ottawa Senators so far in the Season

I'm mainly doing this fan post to start discussion on this topic, and I provided my opinions below, but I want to hear what other people think/have to say on this subject. Is this something that's usually done on Silver Seven at the end of the season? Also, do you guys think that we have anyone on our team that could win one of the actual awards?

Hart: Erik Karlsson. Apart from his +/-, he's having a pretty amazing year coming off of an injury and considering he "still doesn't feel right", got divorced, suffered the loss of his three closest friends, isn't some "effing god" and had to play with Jared Cowen for a large portion of the season. He also set a franchise record for most goals by a defensemen and is leading the team in points. Without Karlsson this team would be battling it out with the Sabres at the bottom of the standings. Thank god for Erik, I mean, just thank him directly, because he is a god, right? Finalists: MacArthur, Turris.

Vezina: Anderson. Neither goalie has been that great and Andy has had to stand behind the tire-fire that is the Sens' defence the most this season.

Norris: Erik Karlsson. Look at the Hart explanation above, and consider the terrible thing that has been the Ottawa defence this season. Finalists: Gryba (for surpassing expectations and having the highest +/- of +8 out of Ottawa's d-men) and Methot, for being the second best d-man on the team.

Lady Byng: Zibanejad. He has the least amount of PIM for a player that has played for most of the season. I really have no clue as to who should've won this award.

Calder: Ceci. Not outstanding since the break, but he has played most of his time with Phillips, and is only a -5, that's saying something. He wasn't even expected to be in the NHL this season, but he's stuck around and longer than any of the other Bing call-ups. The OT winner against St. Louis also flashes in front of my eyes every single time I picture this kid. Other candidates: Stone, Hoffman, Da Costa

Selke: Turris. Best plus-minus, amazing season, amazing player, scores goals from his ass, etc. Finalists: MacArthur. Literally no one else.

Jack Adams: Not awarded. It's not fair when there is one candidate, and he has been called #Frustache more often than #Trustache this season.

Bill Masterton: Erik Karlsson. Overcame an achilles injury to lead the team in points as a defensemen. He's also Erik Karlsson. I would also nominate MacArthur, but the only thing he has overcome is having played for the Leafs. Spezza is another finalist, I suppose.

Ted Lindsay: Get the players to vote.

Bridgestone Messier Leadership: Clarke MacArthur. He wore an invisible letter on his jersey all season and lead by example much better than Spezza's no look drop passes, Neil's timely, momentum changing penalties, and Phillips' pointing-the-finger defensive coverage. I think Alfie might've cut out the C from his jersey, painted it red and mailed it to MacArthur, because this guy just does things right all the time. Also I miss Alfie.

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