Revisiting my "Crazy Predictions"

Back in September, I wrote this fanpost giving 5 crazy predictions for the Sens. I knew there was a chance none of them would come true, but I wanted to give my predictions regardless. Some of them were close, some were...let's Here they are:

1. I said Craig Anderson would finish outside of the top 15 in SV%, and I was spot on. I mentioned how his save percentage last year was unsustainable, and that held true. In fact, I might have actually overstated his value, as he sits 36th out of 51 with a SV% of .908. It's definitely been an underwhelming season for Anderson, and he's really going to have to pick up his game if the Sens want to get into the playoffs.

2. I thought Milan Michalek would finish ahead of Bobby Ryan in points. Umm, let's call this one a mulligan. Ryan has had a fairly good season with Ottawa, picking up 43 points. Meanwhile, Milan Michalek has played like a completely expendable player while notching 25 points. This is almost certainly going to be a wrong prediction once the season ends. 1 for 2 so far.

3. I said the Sens PP would be number 1 in the East. They currently sit 7th with a percentage of 19.3%. However, they are 11th overall in the NHL, so the power play hasn't been too bad. At the same time it hasn't been the dominant force I expected it to be. Count this one as a loss, but it's not extremely far off.

4. I expected Matt Kassian to be traded/waived after just 3 games. Sadly, he is still in the organization and up in the NHL. It's obviously nothing personal, but I think Kassian is just awful at hockey. I'm surprised Bryan Murray still thinks he has a place on this team while other guys like Stephane Da Costa have improved their play and are sitting. Kassian will most likely be gone after this season (fingers crossed), so this shouldn't be too big of a deal. This one is wrong for sure, because I said he would be gone after 3 games and look: he's still here!

5. I predicted the Sens to win the season series against the Bruins and Red Wings, and have a winning record in the Atlantic. So far, the Sens are 2-2-0 vs. the Bruins, and 2-1-0 vs. the Red Wings. Also, they are 12-6-5 vs. the Atlantic division. Two thirds of this prediction is right so far, but the Sens can't get better than a .500 record against Boston as they have played their last game against each other already. The last game against the Wings is on Thursday, so they will have to win that game in order to win the season series. Obviously, they will have to win other games against divisional opponents too, but this prediction is looking pretty good so far.

So out of the 5 predictions, I'd say 1 is spot on, 2 are way off, 1 is moderately far off, and 1 is as close as you can get to spot on. Not bad for some crazy predictions. What do you think?

This FanPost was written by a member of the Silver Seven community, and does not necessarily reflect the beliefs or opinions of the site managers, editors, or Sports Blogs Nation, Inc.

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