Guide on Who to Cheer for: Jan. 20-26

B_T has his weekly Sens rundown, but what about the other teams in the wild card race? How will YOU know who to cheer for on a nightly basis? Well, I'm here to tell you. (And yes, I do now realize that there were afternoon games today, due to MLK Day in the States). The team in Bold is who you should cheer for. Note that I will only be listing games including a team in direct contention with the Senators for a playoff spot (Wild Card/3rd in the Atlantic).

Monday, January 20

Philadelphia @ New York Islanders

Toronto @ Pheonix

Only two games on the dockett tonight(today). Islanders won in a shootout, so Philly gains one point in the standings. Let's hope Pheonix can pull out a win over the visiting Maple Leafs. Puck drop is at 8:00 EST.

Tuesday, January 21

St. Louis @ New Jersey

New York Islanders @ New York Rangers

Carolina @ Philadelphia

Los Angeles @ Columbus

Toronto @ Colorado

Three playoff teams from the West means this should be a good night for Ottawa. Islanders will be on the second day of a back-to-back, so the Rangers will likely win that game, unfortunately. Philadelphia is four points ahead of Columbus for third in the Metropolitan division, whereas Carolina is just two points back of Ottawa in the Wild Card race.

Wednesday, January 22

Montreal @ Pittsburgh

Chicago @ Detroit

Ottawa is still a long shot to catch the Habs for third place in the Atlantic, but a Penguins win won't hurt their chances. Detroit is just a single point ahead of Ottawa, but they will have two games in hand coming into this one.

Thursday, January 23

Carolina @ Buffalo

St. Louis @ New York Rangers

Philadelphia @ Columbus

Toronto @ Dallas

Buffalo is right near the bottom of the East, so cheer for them over Wild Card hopeful Carolina. Need to hope for two Western Conference teams to win. Philly will likely get in from their place in the division, whereas Columbus will be fighting hard for one of the two Wild Card spots.

Friday, January 24

Washington @ New Jersey

Montreal @ Detroit

Two tough games to cheer for anybody on Friday, but Washington is ahead of Ottawa at the time of writing, and Detroit is going to be easier to catch than Montreal. If anything, just hope that these games end in regulation!

Saturday, January 25

Boston @ Philadelphia

Washington @ Montreal

Buffalo @ Columbus

Toronto @ Winnipeg

Another tough one with Washington and Montreal, but, again, a wild card spot is our best bet right now. Regulation ending is what we really need in that one. Ottawa won't catch Boston, Buffalo won't catch anyone and Winnipeg is in the West.

Sunday, January 26

New York Rangers @ New Jersey

Florida @ Detroit

The Rangers are second in the Metropolitan and likely to stay up there, whereas NJ will be fighting for the wild card. Florida has a chance to help the Sens out in their Flortheast battle with the Red Wings.


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