Senators Season Tickets - Figuring Out The Hidden Costs

First off, big thanks to Dan on Twitter for clarifying everything for me so I could put this article together. He works for the Sens and can definitely help with any questions you have, so shoot him a follow if you have Twitter.

There's been a bit of confusion on how the numbers add up for the cost of season tickets next season due to the fact the Senators did not supply some of the number required on their website to figure out the math. Back in 2013-2014, the listed season ticket prices included CRF fees, but excluded taxes and handling. The listed 2014-2015 season ticket prices on the other hand, exclude the CRF fees, taxes, and handling. This was likely done to make the cost increase seem lower from this season to next.

Now some may ask, what in the world is a CRF fee? The answer can be found on Capital Tickets where it also lists it as being $3.00 a ticket.

The CRF is a per ticket charge and is applied to maintain Canadian Tire Centre as a premiere sports andentertainment facility. The CRF allows for annual repairs, improvements and enhancements of the facility, both inside and out, to ensure the building and its infrastructure is maintained at a high standard.

So, the actual cost of your 2014-2015 season tickets would be: (the price listed) + $3.00 x (# of tickets). At this point you can compare the 2014-2015 season ticket costs to the 2013-2014 season ticket costs that were listed. So let's use "300 End Lower - Rows A-G Full Season" as an example. In 2013-2014 the listed price was $1880.67. In 2014-2015 the listed price is $1940.71. However, we have to apply the CRF fees as I mentioned. So: $1940.71 + $3.00 x 44 = $2072.71. So the actual price increase from 2013-2014 to 2014-2015 is: $2072.71 - $1880.67 = $192.04.

Now, let's move on to what the season ticket holder renewal page looks like for that same section:

As you can see, the "Net" price is exactly the number we calculated after adding the CRF fees. In addition, the renewal page is where they tack on the taxes and handling fee. You may notice the parking here is listed as "FREE". This is a season ticket holder perk for "full season seat owners with 5 years tenure, half season seat owners with 10 years tenure, and 4 full club seat owners".

The Sens have been promoting the 10% off (if you are a full season, only 7% off for half season) in either Sens Bucks or Sens Loyalty Savings if you renew or sign up for season tickets before February 7th. Let's see how that number works.

The text says "10% savings to be deducted from account balance above and factored into the payments below". That statement is slightly inaccurate. The Sens use this formula to determine the discount: [(Total of seats) - (CRF fee of $3.39) x (# of tickets)] x (discount %). The CRF fee is now $3.39 because it takes into account the HST ($3.00 x 1.13 = $3.39).

So let's do the math for the seats listed in the images above. We have two seats, so we have to add both of them together: [($2342.16 x 2) - ($3.39 x 44 x 2)] x 0.1 = $438.60. This is the number we see above. Now you can pay in full and save an additional 2%. Same calculation as before: [($2342.16 x 2) - ($3.39 x 44 x 2)] x 0.02 = $87.72. Once again, this is the number we see above. The 3% fee for Option C (12-equal payments) follows the same calculation as well: [($2342.16 x 2) - ($3.39 x 44 x 2)] x 0.03 = $131.58.

Hope this helps to explain everything so you can breakdown the cost of your season tickets. If you don't have season tickets and are interested in them you can contact my sales manager, Stephen McCoy at or 613-591-5496 and he'll help you get started. And if you mention I sent you I get a 10% commission for the referral to help fund my Sens memorabilia collection ;)

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