A Reason to be excited for this season: Top 10 Offensive Players Compared to Their Linemates

This is a list of the top 10 offensive players compared to their linemates in the league over the past three full 82 game seasons. The players' scores represent the % of "goals for" scored when they are on the ice over "goals for" scored when their linemates are on the ice without them.

  1. Sidney Crosby: 90.4%
  2. Henrik Sedin: 70.9%
  3. Daniel Sedin: 60.0%
  4. Jason Spezza: 55.7%
  5. Bobby Ryan: 51%
  6. Steven Stamkos: 50%
  7. Nathan Horton: 49.8%
  8. Patrick Elias: 48.7%
  9. Jordan Eberle: 45.8%
  10. Jonathan Toews: 45.7%
As expected Crosby sits comfortably at the top, outproducing his linemates by 90%. Interestingly though, both Spezza and Ryan are in the top 5, implying that they have been dragged down by their linemates over the past three years. For Spezza, this is not too surprising considering the number of rookies that he has played with, whereas Ryan's most common linemates were Getzlaf and Perry. Indeed after further inspection, if one were to look at Ryan's WOWY (with or without you) stats, it seems he was the one mostly driving the success of that line. Indeed when Getzlaf and Perry played away from Ryan, their offensive production was generally mediocre whereas Ryan (playing away from them) managed to maintain the same level of offence as when the line was together.
These numbers suggest Ryan and Spezza are vastly underrated and will probably light up the league, it being probably the first time each of them will play with a player of their own calibre.

Score: [(GF Player)/ (GF Teammates) x 100] - 100


GF Player = Team goals for when player is on the ice 5v5 per 20min

GF Teammates = Team goals for when linemates are on the ice and player is not 5v5 per 20min. This score is the average of all linemates of the player weighted by time on ice with the player.

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