5 Crazy Predictions for the Sens

For this post, I am going to combine some things from what I have seen on other websites. Eklund likes to make a wacky prediction for each team, and on the site 'You Can't Predict Baseball' they also make predictions that are usually way off, but that isn't really the point. I'm going to make 5 crazy predictions for the Sens. Now, I would be shocked if even one of them comes true, because most people will disagree with my guesses anyway. That's fine, I just wanted to do this for fun and look back and see if I was naive, or perhaps a genius.

1. Craig Anderson finishes outside the top-15 in SV%.

This one might get some people angry, but I think it is plausible. Last year, our goaltenders had extremely lucky splits that are impossible to repeat. I love Anderson and I trust his capabilities. However, he can't be a 1.69 GAA/.941% goalie forever. I still think Lehner can pick up some of that slack anyway, plus we will score more goals this year as well to soften the blow.

2. Milan Michalek finishes ahead of Bobby Ryan in points.

No real explanation for this one, just my gut. I feel he is due for a big year while he is healthy. He allegedly had some injections in his knee in Germany that aren't even legal in the US. You know who else went there for a procedure? Kobe Bryant, who played out of his mind afterwards. Expect big things.

3. They finish the year with the #1 PP in the East- - - Yes even ahead of Pittsburgh.

Last year, Ottawa had amazing SV% with abysmal shooting percentages. This year, it could be the reverse. The two powerplays could be:

Michalek-Spezza-Ryan, Karlsson-Wiercioch, and

Macarthur-Turris-Zibanejad/Conacher, Cowen-Corvo.

Yeah, I would say those are two very capable units. Goals, goals, goals are in the horizon.

4. Matt Kassian plays exactly 3 games before being traded/waived.

There is no room for him on this team. Plus he's got a 1-way contract. There's no way he can be on the team over someone like Pageau or Stone...right?

5. Ottawa wins both season series against the Bruins and Red Wings (and finally has an above .500 record against their division).

It's been long overdue for the Sens to actually win games against the Bruins. Obviously the last game of the regular season last year was huge as we got to play Montreal instead of Pittsburgh, but besides that they have had our number. Detroit is a fantastic team, but my gut tells me Alfie "[won't] get no...satisfaction!" If this actually does come true, it would be very big for the team, as divisional games are always important.

There you have 'em!, fire away!

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