Favourite Alfie Moments

Are any of you really going to forget all that Alfie has done for us? Just wash away the past because he signed a one-year deal to try and win the Cup? Yes, I am mad just like every single one of you, and I'm disappointed as well because he could've been the perfect second line winger. But it is his life, and he goes where he wants. You can't possibly forget that he put his heart and soul into this franchise and made them a contender and came close a few times. He IS the Ottawa Senators, and is the type of player that management will always search for. I'm sure he will have a spot in management in Ottawa soon after retirement, and will hopefully be welcomed with open arms. If you're someone who boo's Alfredsson when Detroit comes, you must be pretty short-sighted. Once again I say, he IS what defines an Ottawa Senator, so only show him respect.

Instead of trying to dissect what happened on July 5th, let's just reminisce and go over our (my) favourite Alfie moments (no particular order).

Throwing the stick-Mocking Sundin:

Leaf fans probably think this was the most un-classy thing someone could do. Sens fans think it was hilarious. Mocking others/chirping/trash talking is a huge part of hockey, and I LOVE that Alfredsson did this. I don't see how this is any worse than chirping other opponents. It was a small but awesome moment because it got Leaf fans so upset.

GWG in Conference Finals 07:

I remember that game like any other. A late Afinogenov goal was crushing, and I was on the edge of my seat for the rest of the game. I didn't have the greatest feeling about that game, and then out of nowhere, the game was over. It was a nothing play. There is no way Alfie should've scored, but Miller got screened, and somehow the puck went in. I never actually saw the puck go in, but I saw him celebrating. Besides the golden goal, that was the best I've ever felt while watching hockey. Here's one of the most famous goals in Senators history:

400th goal:

Alfredsson got his 400th goal on Dec 30, 2011. This was right at the beginning of their long hot streak that really made people believe that they could make the playoffs. It was a huge win, and it was in OT to boot. It was a perfect clapper assissted from Karlsson, and when they were celebrating it was the best GIFable moment. I just remember being really happy that night, and excited for Alfie. That season was awesome.

Late GTG against Pittsburgh in 2013:

Obviously, nobody can forget this one. Last minute of the game, on the verge of being down 3-0 in the conference semi-finals to Pittsburgh whilst SHORTHANDED. Then magic happened, with Alfie tieing up the game. Everyone went crazy, as idiotic fans tried to race back to their seats while some had already left. This was probably the last huge moment for him in a Sens jersey.

Huge hit on Darcy Tucker:

Looking back on this, the hit is almost certainly a penalty nowadays, perhaps even a suspension. But I couldn't care less, because I always hated Tucker, and I love seeing Leaf fans going irate over that. The hockey gods definitely smiled upon us there, as Alfie scored the GWG right after that play. Many Leaf fans point to this play to prove that Alfie is dirty, but this is one of, what, a handful of bad play he's made in his career? Tucker is far worse, and got a taste of his own medicine.

"Alfie" Chants:

This started at the end of the 2012 season with fans counting down when the clock hit 11:11, then at 11:00 start chanting "Alfie, Alfie!" It went on for the rest of the season, and even into last year. Everytime I heard the cheers, I just thought it was so awesome. There aren't any specific plays from the past couple years, but the Alfie chants were always impressive.

I know there are plenty of other great moments that I missed, but I just wanted to share a couple. What's your favourite Alfie moment?

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