Expansion draft

I read the Silversevensens tweets on protecting players in the possible expansion draft yesterday and got to thinking about this whole thing a bit more. Back in 2000, Ottawa lost two players (Joe Junéau and kevin Dineen), in 1999 Ottawa lost Phil Crowe and 1998 Denny Lambert. The previous expansion drafts have been before the salary cap era, so this time around things might be a different, as the expansion draft could be an easy way to avoid buying out players and instead have them leave without any commitment to pay parts of their salary. Not exactly a big deal in Ottawa because of the Sens salary structure at this point, but other teams might benefit from this.

First off we need to figure out the conditions of protecting players. In the tweets it was suggested that players on entry level contracts wouldn't have to be protected, so i'll go by that.

Thus, the list for players eligible for expansion draft at this point from the Sens would be as follows:


Anderson, Craig

Lawson, Nathan


Borowiecki, Mark

Corvo, Joe

Cowen, Jared

Eckford, Tyler

Karlsson, Erik

Methot, Marc

Phillips, Chris

Wiercioch, Patrick


Condra, Erik

Cowick, Corey

DaCosta, Stephane

Dziurzynski, David

Greening, Colin

Hoffman, Mike

Kassian, Matt

MacArthur, Clarke

Michalek, Milan

Neil, Chris

O'Brien, Jim

Ryan, Bobby

Smith, Zack

Spezza, Jason

Turris, Kyle

In the past, teams have been able to protect either
one goalie, five defencemen and nine forwards or

two goalies, three defencemen and seven forwards.

The requirements for unprotected players (as on Wikipedia):

For teams protecting only one goaltender, there was no experience requirement for those left unprotected. For teams protecting two goaltenders, each goaltender left unprotected must have appeared in either 10 NHL games in the 1999–2000 season or 25 games in the 1998–99 season and 1999–2000 seasons combined. A goaltender had to be in net for at least 31 minutes in each game for the game to be counted against these totals.

At least one defenceman left unprotected by each team had to have appeared in at least 40 games in the 1999–2000 season or 70 games in the 1998–99 season and 1999–2000 seasons combined. At least two forwards left unprotected by each team had to have met the same requirements.

...Only one goaltender or one defenseman could be selected from each franchise.

The requirements for defencemen (because of the shortened season) could possibly be less games played for the past two years, 55 or 56 games if the percentage of games played per season remain the same. Each of the previous expansion drafts have been held before the start of free agency, so players with expiring contracts are still eligible for the draft.

Of course, if there would be an expansion draft after the '13-'14 season, the rules could and probably would differ from previous years, but for the sake of fun and games, let's say that these are the terms.

So, who do you protect and, more importantly, leave unprotected?

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